SureSmile Lingual

SureSmile Lingual System Braces (Hidden braces behind the teeth)

SureSmile Invisible braces are an option for someone who does not want visible braces in their mouth, but cannot get Invisalign treatment because their teeth require a lot of re-alignment. The customized lingual braces are created and bonded on the inside of your teeth, which ensures they are not visible at all. No one will have a clue that you have these braces, unless you show them the back of your teeth! They are customized to your teeth’s shapes, ensuring you get a comfortable and effective treatment experience.

The SureSmile Lingual System technology allows more precision in the finishing stages and smaller appliances for your comfort. Dr. Picard can use the SureSmile Lingual System technology to pre plan all movements of your teeth for a faster and more predictable treatment!