MTM (Minor Tooth Movement) is a revolutionary new philosophy in the field of dental cosmetic correction


By solely addressing a patient’s six upper and six lower anterior teeth, minor anterior misalignment measuring six millimeters or less can be easily and comfortably be addressed. Rather than undergoing traditional treatment that could last twelve to twenty-four months for a minor correction, in some cases it’s possible for patients to achieve an aesthetically beautiful smile in just twelve to twenty-four weeks.

MTM (Minor Tooth Movement) offers:

  • Fast correction for minor anterior misalignment;
  • Virtually undetectable appliances;
  • Small, comfortable size;
  • Fast and easy direct or indirect bonding;
  • No wire changes;
  • A great option for patients seeking cosmetic correction for minor misalignment.

Though not every patient may be a candidate for MTM treatment, it’s a sound approach for patients who require minor corrections to achieve a beautiful smile without having to undergo lengthy treatment, or having to wear a full set of braces. It is as well a product that is fully customised in our own lab. The brackets are positioned on a model that shows the final position of your teeth and the wires are bent to fit your occlusion.

Because every smile and bite relationship is unique, Dr. Picard is happy to determine what type of orthodontic treatment is best-suited to your oral health. Dr. Picard’s assessment of your teeth and subsequent braces treatment ensures you receive the results you desire, and help you achieve your most beautiful smile possible to show off to the world.