Types of Invisible Bracesbefore after

One of the Types of Invisible Braces is Lingual braces which are a great option for those who don’t want their braces to show as they are completely hidden!

Dr. Picard has worked with many different types of Lingual braces, including but not limited to Incognito, Harmony and 2D by Forestadent. Through her experience with the different types of Lingual bracket systems, she has found the perfect combination of brackets and 3D virtual planning system Suresmile to help pre plan every movement made. This ensures all teeth are moved according to plan and the bite is stable and functional.

Lingual braces are placed behind your teeth, which makes them completely invisible. No one will know you are going through orthodontic treatment! Hidden Braces are the best way for you to get treatment for your teeth if you have concerns about the aesthetic impact of regular braces.

Anyone can Wear Hidden Braces

These braces are great for teenagers, young adults, adults and the elderly. Whether you are 15 or 65, you can wear these comfortably and see great results from your treatment. But only a certified orthodontist can tell you whether you are a candidate for the Hidden lingual braces.

Who wears Lingual Invisible Braces?

  • Those who do not want to damage the front surface of their teeth.
  • Those who are worried about the aesthetic impact of wearing regular braces.
  • Professionals.
  • Musicians who play a wind instrument.
  • Adults or teenagers who participate in contact sports.

Additional Benefits of Lingual Hidden Braces:

  • Discomfort is minimal too.
  • Does not require many wire adjustments, which means fewer orthodontist visits.
  • High quality results delivered in a quick time frame.
  • Strength and durability of brackets
  • Efficiency, get the same movements as traditional braces without sacrificing the aesthetics