We constantly strive to improve our 3D technology. Below you will find some of our 3DTechnology available to our clients including 3D scanning, 3D printing and SURESMILE.



3D scanning (iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner) is the newest most comfortable way to get a digital impression. The scanner captures many pictures and uses them to create a three-dimensional model in minutes. No more gooey-mess to worry about as we are keeping impressions to a minimum at our office!

Our Itero Scanner is extremely precise and accurate this way we have all the information we need to do your 3D treatment planning.

Benefits of Digital scanners

  • Great for patients with a sensitive gag reflex
  • More precise and accurate than a putty impression
  • Faster than traditional impressions
  • Better overall patient experience
  • Fewer errors
  • Environmentally friendly


3d printing

Our 3D printer has made things much more efficient at our office as we can now 3D print models to fabricate retainers, aligners, indirect bonding trays, and much more.

Benefits of 3D printing

  • Faster appliance manufacturing
  • Less appointments needed
  • Models can be kept in case of lost or broken appliances
  • More accuracy



SureSmile technology is offered to many of our patients as it offers many benefits. SureSmile uses a 3D model of your teeth allowing Dr. Picard to plan each individual tooth movement, making your treatment more precise. Once your treatment is fully planned on the SureSmile platform, highly specialized robots bend each individual wire according to Dr.Picard’s plan. These wires are then used to straighten your teeth and give you that perfect smile! SureSmile is also used for aligner treatments. We can use this technology for limited and full cases.