About Us

From her state of the art orthodontic clinic at Wellington Village, Dr. Andrea Picard offers personalized care for individuals and families in the Ottawa, ON, Canada area.  Regular braces, invisible braces and Invisalign care are available for children, teenagers and adults.

A wide variety of orthodontic treatments are offered at the Wellington Village facility. You can get traditional metal braces, clear braces, lingual braces, Invisalign and other treatments tailored to your needs. The techniques and appliances used also include growth modification, combined treatment with an orthognathic surgery and combed treatment with temporary anchorage devices also called TADs. Invisalign, Harmony and Incognito braces treatments are also available if you want your braces to be completely hidden! The mission of everyone at the clinic is to provide individuals and families with the best care as possible in a welcoming environment and with the most up to date techniques.

Another one of the multiple services offered is the Suresmile technology. This is a state of the art technology offered as an option to all patients. It provides efficiency and predictability! Also, all our surgical cases are using this technology since the final occlusion is planned even before the surgery and leads to shorter treatment post surgery. From an intra-oral (no radiation) scan taken of your teeth,  Dr Picard now has an incredible amount of information that would not be otherwise accessible about the variations of anatomy of the teeth and their precise measurements. With this knowledge, a custom treatment plan can be elaborated. Wires will then be formed by highly specialized robots located in Texas and Germany. This results in a faster and more comfortable treatment. which adds efficiency and predictability!

Our team is always working to create a better atmosphere for patients and their loved ones.

– We want the facility to feel warm, lighthearted, fun, relaxed and comfortable for everyone who visits, whether they are a patient or a family member of someone receiving treatment.

– We use the most advanced techniques available to ensure that everything is done in the right way.

– Dr. Andrea Picard is extremely passionate about her work, which is why she is constantly striving to provide her patients with the best and most thorough care possible.

When you are ready to take a new step in your orthodontic treatment, it is time to contact the Wellington Village Orthodontics at (613) 722-8500.