Consultation with Dr. Picard

The first visit / appointment with Dr. Picard is an initial consultation. This involves a thorough extra-oral and intra-oral examination, radiographic examination, growth assessment and skeletal evaluation. The idea is to figure out:

  • What is the problem and why is it there?
  • When should treatment begin?
  • What type of treatment will work best?
  • How long is the treatment going to take?

We always ask you what your expectations are and then, based on your own orofacial structure, different options will be given to you for your treatment.

What are the treatment costs?

  • Costs of each treatment are determined on a case-by-case basis, but each type of treatment has its own associated cost. Depending on the type and extent of the treatment, your costs will vary from those of other patients.
  • A Standard Information Form for Certified Orthodontics is included during the initial consultation. With this form, the patient’s private insurance provider will determine whether the patient will receive insurance benefits related to these procedures.
  • Payment plans are available to ensure treatment is affordable.

What is included in the treatment?

  • Orthodontic records are taken to provide us with a baseline and help with treatment planning. These include x-rays, photos, scans, and study models of your teeth. Then, Dr. Picard also creates a customized treatment plan based on these records.
  • Treatment costs include all the appliances, the standard appointments and emergency appointments if needed during your time spent with Dr. Picard or her associates.
  • If any appliances require replacement, you may be charged depending on how and why they were damaged or lost. When patients do something the doctors actively discouraged, such as eating certain foods while they have their braces, the charge falls on the patient because it is viewed as negligent behavior.
  • Treatment also includes the final set of retainers provided at the very end of the treatment. A one-year monitoring period is required after the bulk of treatment is complete and this is also included.
  • Orthodontic records are a crucial part of ensuring your treatment is completed in the correct manner.

Next Steps:

If orthodontic treatment is necessary, an appointment is made to get your Diagnostic Records. When possible, a portion of these records are created during the initial consultation.

What are the Diagnostic Records?

  • Models of your teeth
  • Scan
  • Photos
  • Panoramic and cephalogram tracings and radiographs
  • A study of the diagnostic records by the doctor and a determination of the best course of treatment.