The advanced 2D by Forestadent method means effective treatment with a high level of comfort, and beautiful results.

2D by Forestadent is another lingual orthodontic treatment that is ideally suited to adult patients who wish to improve the look and function of their teeth, without advertising their ongoing treatment to the world!

2D by Forestadent

The 2D system boasts the flattest bracket design in the world, thanks to its uncomplicated design. With a total thickness of 1.3 to 1.65 mm, its round edges and smooth surface, it has been rated the number one bracket in terms of patient comfort.

Similar in function to traditional braces, the 2D lingual system sits on the back of teeth so they are non-visible from the front – an ideal treatment option for adult orthodontic patients. The 2D system is excellent for treating less complex cases of misalignment It is a product that is fully customised in our own lab. The brackets are positioned on a model that shows the final position of your teeth. Then the wires are pre bent to fit your perfect smile. , is cost-efficient, and requires less treatment time.

2D lingual braces by Forestadent are ideal for those patients who desire the effects of traditional braces, without advertising their orthodontic treatment to the world.