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Having braces doesn’t mean you can’t eat this summer! Those with braces don’t have to miss out on all the great traditional summer foods. There are healthy and great alternatives for those with braces who miss out on some of the crunchy and sticky options that are usually eaten during these warm summer months.

If you have braces, watermelon will be your best friend this summer. It is a refreshing and healthy treat that can be enjoyed at almost any time of day. As opposed to some of the other summer fruits and vegetables, watermelon is safe to eat with braces. While apples, carrot sticks, and corn all can be potentially dangerous to your braces when biting in, watermelon’s juicy flesh makes it a more ideal choice. Be sure to cut it into small pieces beforehand to make it even easier to chew. It’s an easy fruit to incorporate into your everyday meals to enjoy a great treat that won’t damage your orthodontic work.

As we all know, BBQs are the best part about summer. But if you have braces or have some friends that wear braces you might have to rethink your food choices. Instead of eating a steak, consider a hamburger, a hot dog or even a chicken salad instead. These foods will be less tough, making it much easier to chew. Those with braces will have to worry less about the damage that may be delivered from barbeque foods. In addition to this, hamburgers and hot dogs are considerably cheaper than other options, making them ideal choices for your family barbeque.

While some sugary foods themselves can be damaging to your braces, it is often times the biting motion and the consistency of the food together that causes the bulk of the problem. Get all your favorite fruits mixed into your smoothie that might have otherwise damaged your teeth. In addition to this, a fruit smoothie will be a healthy alternative to sugary drinks such as soda when you are trying to stay cool.

Don’t let your braces get you down this summer. There are a number of foods that can still be eaten and enjoyed all through this fun and exciting season. Choose those foods you love best with the least amount of sugar and sticky consistency to keep your braces strong throughout the orthodontic process.