Wearing braces is common among students in middle school and high school in Ottawahttps://bracesinottawa.com/types-of-invisible-braces/. However, people across all ages can wear braces to correct problems with alignment and crooked teeth.

Various groups of people find it embarrassing to wear the conventional wire and bracket braces. Nowadays, with invisible braces and many other options available, people can have their orthodontic problems corrected without worry. You will have to consult your orthodontist to know more about the available options. Braces are prescribed and inserted by an orthodontist.

The importance of an orthodontist does not cease after the braces are removed. The orthodontist becomes even more important when the braces are removed. Going through orthodontic treatment doesn’t mean that the problems have been addressed permanently. By getting orthodontic treatment at Wellington Village Orthodontics, teeth that may have grown out of line or are crowded are shifted from their original positions to the new ideal position. After braces are removed, teeth tend to move back to their original positions.

The standard duration of orthodontic treatment is about two years. Following removal of braces, teeth may begin to shift and hence the necessity to keep visiting your orthodontist. It is not to imply that the orthodontist performed a poor job but to maintain good oral health.

The follow-ups after the removal of braces are necessary to monitor changes that may happen. In most cases, the orthodontist gives the patient a retainer after the braces come off. The retainer is worn at night to prevent teeth from shifting once braces come off. Where retainers do not successfully prevent shifting of teeth, other options can be explored with the help of your orthodontist.

Failure to honor the follow-up visits to your orthodontist may cause a reversal of all changes following treatment with the braces. The visits to the orthodontist will help arrest any problems once the braces are off. The follow-up visits provide an opportunity to check if the teeth are staying in their new positions.

You risk getting another set of braces if the follow-up is not done. The downside to getting braces yet again is digging deep to cover the cost of treatment and the disappointment of having to wear the braces again.

Wellington Village Orthodontics in Ottawa encourages that people who have had their braces removed should go for periodic check-up visits to ensure that teeth remain aligned. It is always better to remain safe rather than sorry.