But just because you have braces, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the festive food that the holidays bring! There are plenty of options out there for those who enjoy their sweets around this time of year. Here are couples of do’s and don’ts for the holiday goodies. If you want to avoid any orthodontic emergencies always keep in mind that hard candies are not good for you and your braces.


We’ll be honest…candy canes or any other hard candies are an orthodontist’s nightmare. They’re sugary, sticky and they can break your braces. Our advice: steer clear! Why not opt for some chocolate as a sweet but slightly less hazardous alternative?


Brownies are soft, chocolatey, and delicious which makes them perfect for a holiday treat. You can try to make this classic recipe festive by turning them into little Christmas Trees. Brownies are not harmful for your braces and they taste amazingly good. They are a friendly-braces option!


Ice cream is a safe bet when it comes to braces, and making a peppermint flavoured batch is sure to wow your kids and their friends around Christmas time (or adults with braces for that matter). Remember, if you do choose to use real candy canes to put in your ice cream, please crush them up finely, as they are still hard candies that can get stuck in braces.


While wearing braces, it is best to stay away from hard sticky candies. It is best to choose softer, melt in your mouth candies. Chocolate is also a great choice since it melts really quickly.

Avoid caramel, candy apples, taffy, nuts and bubble-gum. They will pull at the brackets and make it difficult to clean. Very chewy bread will do the same thing, so be sure and avoid any foods and candy that you find sticking in your brackets.

Make sure when eating any sugary food with braces that you practice proper dental hygiene. When you have braces, exposing your teeth to high sugar content without brushing it away right after can lead to unsightly stains or tooth decay. To avoid this, be consistent with brushing and try limiting your sugar intake throughout the day.