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Could Your Smile Hold the Key To Your Dream Job?

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Could Your Smile Hold the Key To Your Dream Job?

In a professional setting there are many things that influence the way you are perceived by your coworkers or your boss. Your confidence and comfort while working or during an job interview will play a large huge part in your success both at work in acquiring a job. Human resources professionals are emphasizing the importance of body language to communicate your personality and what better way to show genuine enthusiasm than with a winning smile during an interview? People who smile are perceived as more confident, likeable, competent and courteous.

Of all our facial expressions, the smile is the most prominent, so it’s important to ensure your smile is genuine. Having a genuine smile can become more difficult if you’re battling with insecurities about the appearance of your teeth. Issue such as yellow teeth, a chipped tooth or misaligned teeth can affect confidence and your smile. A real smile can be a challenge when your teeth are a source of insecurity. Thankfully, there are many options available to improve your teeth, and by extension, that winning smile

Do A Smile Self-Assessment

One of the first things you can do is a smile self assessment. Look at your smile objectively and subjectively. Subjectively, your emotional satisfaction revolves around your confidence and emotional perception how you look. If you notice that you compulsively hide your smile from being displayed or photographed, you might be uncomfortable with your appearance. How do you feel about your smile; can you identify any problem areas that you would like changed? Objectively you can look at what is considered to be optimal facial aesthetics according to dental professionals. Identifying dental malocclusion can be complicated but if you’d like more information feel free to give us a call, or do a bit of research and even start here.

Professional Benefits of Treatment

The vast majority of contemporary employers have moved away from simple experience based hiring and are looking for a “cultural fit” when looking for new employees. According to Forbes the top three traits employers are looking for are professionalism, high-energy and confidence. Large employers are currently finding a general lack of confidence in their workforces, and confident workers are in high demand. The way you present yourself in a professional setting helps give a first impression on how your personality might benefit the company. When you appear well-kept, confident and professional, it provides reassurance to future and current employers that those traits will extend into your work ethic as well.

The primary forms of benefit for orthodontic treatment are improvement of oral health and psychosocial well-being. Facial aesthetics have been shown to significantly determine self-perception. The most beneficial aspects of treatment are: improved self-esteem, physical attractiveness, self-confidence, social attractiveness, self-image and more ease while cleaning teeth, not to mention the medical and physical benefits.

Orthodontic treatment aims to improve the alignment and appearance of teeth for the betterment of your lifestyle and health. With more self-esteem, attractiveness and confidence you will be able to bring your skills forward to advance your career and employment opportunities. To begin to improve how others perceive you in the workplace you must have confidence in your ability, appearance and your smile!

Consider Teeth Whitening

If you are suffering from yellow teeth despite your best efforts to brush properly or cut down on habits that stain your teeth, whitening might be the solution you’re looking for. Before starting you should consult a dental professional to pick the best program for your needs. Having white teeth makes you seem friendlier and more approachable. Keep in mind that there can be some pitfalls to at home teeth whitening products, the advantage of getting it done by a professional is that the process will be faster and less complicated.

It’s Never Too Late To Get Your Perfect Smile!

Experts agree that it is never too late to consider orthodontic treatment. Nearly half of all orthodontic patients are adults hoping of getting the smile they’ve always dreamed of. For professionals, there exists a variety of more lightweight and less visible braces. Orthodontics are no longer strictly a world of inconvenient metal and there is now a world of possibilities for adults who do not want to impact their professional and polished appearance. Contact us at 613.722.8500 or here about treatment to enhance your professional appearance and start your journey to that perfect, professional smile.


Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday all about love, but it often involves being very unkind to our teeth. Chocolate and sweets have become the typical way to show people you care in February, but we believe you can make that special someone happy with treats that won’t damage their smile. Continue reading for creative ways to spoil your friends and family this Valentine’s Day.

If you enjoy the tradition of sharing yummy snacks on Valentine’s Day, try making heart fruit kebabs. These treats are quick to make but will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. Start by placing strawberries onto a wooden skewer; their deep red colour and natural heart shape are super festive. Next, choose your favourite pink and red fruits to slice up and cut into small hearts using a cookie cutter. Create a fun fruit pattern on your skewer, present your healthy treat and enjoy guilt-free! In fact, with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a little imagination you can turn almost any healthy snack or meal into a Valentine’s-themed treat! 

In our post Three Things to Avoid for White Teeth we discussed red wine being a major culprit for staining teeth. To keep your pearly whites intact this Valentine’s Day, we have a few different drink suggestions. There are plenty of tasty, lightly coloured herbal teas that will warm your Valentine’s heart without staining their teeth. For a Valentine’s Day theme, we suggest picking a tea blend in a pink colour or one with floral flavours. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even create a heart-shaped tea bag! We also love the idea of putting a twist on the classic chocolate-covered strawberries by making a strawberry smoothie with a few chocolate chips or some cocoa powder. Not only will it take much less chocolate to satisfy that sweet tooth, but you can also skip having the sugar stick to your teeth by using a straw.

For those willing to create completely new Valentine’s Day traditions, we suggest avoiding chocolate and wine altogether and making the day about spending time with loved ones or treating them with small but thoughtful gifts. Spoil your friends and family with a fancy new hand soap or lotion. Make it fun by attaching a gift tag that says “I was soapin’ you’d be my Valentine!” To get kids interested in Valentine’s Day without teaching them to expect candy, try playing a special game each year. It is easy to turn your child’s favourite game into a Valentine’s activity. For example, play musical chairs using paper heart cutouts placed in a circle on the ground.

Show your teeth some love this Valentine’s Day! There are plenty of ways to treat yourself and your loved ones that don’t involve damaging your teeth. Unique, heartfelt and homemade Valentine’s treats will be memorable and appreciated. Bonus points for anyone who gifts their Valentine with a new toothbrush. 

Tips for Maintaining Oral Health During the Holidays

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The holidays are fun and exciting, but from sleeping habits to nutrition many people’s healthy routines are thrown out the window around this time. It’s important to treat yourself once in a while, but maintaining balance can be difficult. Here are our tips for how you can enjoy the holidays without negatively impacting your oral health.


The first thing we recommend is keeping a strict schedule when it comes to your oral cleaning regimens. Eating more sweets than usual makes it even more imperative that you properly care for your teeth. Unfortunately, a busy social calendar means oral hygiene is not always a top priority. Try to do your more intensive cleaning including flossing and any orthodontic maintenance in the morning. You’re more likely to forget, skip or rush through your brushing routine after getting home late from a party or staying up to wrap gifts, so don’t put it off!


Speaking of parties, junk food and celebrations always seem to go hand in hand but they don’t need to. If you’re attending a potluck, why not bring a healthier alternative like a veggie tray? Crunching on carrots and celery will not only help you to resist snacking on sweets, they also act as a natural cleaner while you chew. When hosting a holiday gathering, be sure to add water to your drink menu. Sipping water after a glass of red wine or dark soda may help to prevent your teeth from becoming stained.


For the younger set of party goers, include a fun toothbrush and a new flavour of toothpaste in stockings to get them excited about brushing their teeth. The novelty of a special toothbrush may not last forever, but it should be enough to encourage children to keep brushing their teeth throughout the busy, candy-filled days until the New Year. There are plenty of options for kids’ toothbrushes from ones featuring their favourite cartoon character to ones that play music.


Our final tip is to not skip any dental or orthodontic appointments during the holiday season. If you don’t think you or your family members will be able to attend appointments, be sure to reschedule. Checkups, cleanings and adjustments are an important part of overall oral health and missing them altogether or delaying them for long periods of time can have a negative impact on your smile.


We hope you find our tips for maintaining oral health during the holidays helpful! Remember to be kind to your teeth during this busy time. What are some of your favourite ways to stay healthy while enjoying the festive season?

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